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  • Weekly Gratefulness List (May 8 to 14, 2016)

    Posted By on June 30, 2016

    –my big rest week

    I pretty much cancelled all my plans for most of the week to rest, rest, rest; and I’m thankful that I am able to do that on a whim.

    –show (“Letters to Zoey”) and Pinoy food (Tito Rad’s) after with Bunny and friend I

    –kitchen success: sayote (chayote) with ground pork


    Thank you. More please!


    Sopas: a recipe

    Posted By on June 28, 2016

    Sopas–the Filipino milky soup, not the general word for soups in Spanish–is one of my favorite comfort food. Despite this, it had never occurred to me to cook it because it seemed so complicated. Well, everything in the kitchen seemed complicated to me until I actually started cooking a few years ago and realized that most things are actually not that bad. Sopas, obviously, is one of those.

    So this was my first attempt at cooking sopas and it was by no means perfect. There are a bunch of things I’m already thinking of changing when I cook it again someday. But it wasn’t bad either so I thought it might be worth sharing. If not just for those of you out there who might think it’s too hard to make. Because it’s not.

    IMG_20160430_211926 (1) - Edited


    • Elbow macaroni (which I did not use, as you can see in my picture)
    • Chicken (probably a pound, cut in roughly 1 inch cubes. Or a little bigger. Not very strict with this at all.)
    • half a clove of garlic (peeled and minced)
    • 1 pc carrot (cubed)
    • celery (a few sticks, cubed)
    • milk (Let’s start with two cups? Add more if you want.)
    • a small head of cabbage
    • butter
    • salt and pepper
    • water
    • 1 can chicken broth (optional)
    • fish sauce/patis (optional)

    *If you’re a regular reader of my recipes, you would know that I’m terrible at measuring ingredients. Let’s just say that I play most things by ear, or tongue, in this case.


    1. Boil enough water (or use canned chicken broth) to cover all the chicken parts. Once chicken is cooked, set aside to cool.
    2. Add the macaroni to the broth. Stir constantly to avoid sticking. If the liquid is too little, add a cup of milk. Or two.
    3. Peel and mince garlic.
    4. Cut carrots and celery into cubes.
    5. Some people will have you saute the garlic, carrots, and celery in oil or butter first. They worship much honorable kitchen gods whom I will never meet. I’ll just have you add them to the pot and hope their flavors come out anyway
    6. Once chicken is cool enough, shred and put back in the pot. Stirstirstir.
    7. Add milk and bring to a boil. Put as much milk as you want. It’s good for your bones and teeth.
    8. Put as much butter as your conscience will allow. I probably put around two or three tbsps. It’ll probably taste better with more but don’t blame me if you develop heart disease. Hey at least you had great sopas.
    9. Add salt and pepper to taste. You may also put some fish sauce for flavor. Stirstirstir. Tastetastetaste. Make sure you’re happy with the taste by this time. Adjust by adding more milk or water or salt or pepper or… butter!
    10. Tear some cabbage (don’t forget to wash and remove the first layer) and add to pot. Put as much as you want. Cabbage in sopas is yum!
    11. Once cabbage is cooked, taste once more and adjust accordingly.
    12. Your sopas is now ready to be served and enjoyed!

    After all is said and done, Akoh Cham’s sopas is still the best I’ve ever had. You have to try it to believe it.


    Weekly Gratefulness List (May 1 to 7, 2016)

    Posted By on June 21, 2016

    –2016 Book #6: Naomi Ragen’s “The Sisters Weiss”

    Screenshot 2016-05-18 at 5.16.47 PM - Edited

    –brunch with P

    –visit to the Museum of American Gangsters with M and I


    –dinner with V

    –date day in Chinatown and Upper East Side

    Thank you! More please!


    Weekly Gratefulness List (April 24 to 30, 2016)

    Posted By on May 19, 2016

    –Vinted photoshoot!

    Got to meet fun and fashionable Vinties. Picture on the right and group photo were taken by awesome photographer Alaskapix.

    160424_123839US_pakaininNYC group photo(2)

    –pottery painting with I


    I believe the colors will look very different after baking. I have yet to get my finished product. I’ll post pictures as soon as I have the mug.

    –2016 Book #5: Bino Realuyo’s “The Umbrella Country”

    Screenshot 2016-05-18 at 5.12.39 PM - Edited

    –kitchen success: sopas


    Thank you! More please!


    Weekly Gratefulness List (April 17 to 23, 2016)

    Posted By on May 18, 2016

    –date day all day!

    It started at the NY Green Festival, and then a nice stroll at the High Line, and finally the Volunteers Appreciation Party at Housing Works.

    Bunny playing at the NY Green Festival

    Bunny playing at the NY Green Festival

    –Nice long chat with friend T

    –Free Carvel pistachio ice cream

    Hurrah for #freeicecreamday

    Hurrah for #freeicecreamday

    Thank you! More please!


    Weekly Gratefulness List (April 10 to 16, 2016)

    Posted By on May 9, 2016

    –2016 Book #4: Matthew Thomas’ “We Are Not Ourselves”

    I read it for a book club I joined and it was just so good! Because I’m too lazy for a proper book review, let me give you a one-liner instead: A real and heartbreaking narrative of life.

    Screenshot 2016-05-09 at 4.26.01 PM - Edited

    –Symphony Orchestra

    Not something we would normally go to but it was a nice change of pace. We hopefully soaked up some culture too.

    Thank you! More please!


    Weekly Gratefulness List (April 3 to 9, 2016)

    Posted By on April 22, 2016

    –second half of our Chicago (food) trip


    –1st anniversary for my English Conversation Group!

    When I first started volunteering at the library, I was not sure if I’d last a month. Now it’s been a year and I’m still enjoying it. Saturday afternoons well spent!

    –sold a couple of things on Poshmark, and one on Vinted Kids

    Don’t forget to use my referral code BUZZA if you’re opening an account with Poshmark so we both get $10 credits. Here’s my closet.

    Thank you! More please!


    Weekly Gratefulness List (March 27 to April 2, 2016)

    Posted By on April 19, 2016


    After many, many months of studying the language as best as I can, I am finally starting to feel like I know Spanish. It always takes me a while to process my thoughts and formulate my sentences. And the past tense is still a struggle. But things are making sense more and more and I delight myself when I actually have the words to say what I’m thinking.

    –first part of our Chicago trip

    I feel like every other child from my generation had dreamed of becoming an astronaut at some point in their childhoods. The visit to the Adler Planetarium made me remember that child in me decades ago. Here are some of our pictures at the Adler Planetarium:


    Thank you! More please!


    Weekly Gratefulness List (March 20 to 26, 2016)

    Posted By on April 7, 2016

    –2016 Book #3: Ninotchka Rosca’s “Twice Blessed”

    Another gift from a friend, so I am twice grateful.

    Screenshot 2016-04-07 at 11.28.02 PM

    –2nd year anniversary with my Bunny

    We ate yummy food. And I got us anniversary fridge magnets. Teehee!



    –sold something on Poshmark

    Don’t forget to use my referral code BUZZA if you’re opening an account with them so we both get $10 credits.

    Thank you! More please!


    Weekly Gratefulness List (March 13 to 19, 2016)

    Posted By on March 26, 2016

    This week has been packed full of activities.


    I have been seeing posters for this show ever since I first came here two years ago. I finally got the chance to watch it. The performances were really good, plus I enjoyed the company of my new friend I.


    –Housing Works

    I started volunteering at Housing Works and I had so much fun on my first day getting down and dirty: organizing clothes and rearranging furniture.

    –Chinese Conversation Group

    I finally found a Chinese Conversation Group to practice Mandarin with.

    –amazing selling week

    Sold one item on OfferUp, my first time ever to sell anything there. And then I made five sales (one of which is a two-item bundle) on Poshmark! Five!! Keep in mind that my usual Poshmark sale is one or two a week so I’m just ecstatic. And as always, if you want to start selling (or scoring amazing deals) on Poshmark, please use my referral code BUZZA so we both get $10 credits.

    Thank you! More please!