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Weekly Gratefulness List (November 29 to December 5, 2015)

| December 22, 2015

–last few days in Hawaii Our itinerary here. –first half of Pennsylvania trip Scarcely had we taken a vacation from our vacation when we took another weekend trip. This time to Woodloch in PA. Someday when I get over my laziness, I might post more pictures. Ha! Thank you! More please!  

Hawaii Trip (November 24 to December 2, 2015)

| December 17, 2015

  This list fulfills a number of things: 1. remind me what we did during our trip, 2. serve as a suggestion of things to do/eat/whatever if anyone else is planning a Hawaii vacation, and 3. satisfy my love for lists, (or listing, if you may). So here is the itinerary (possibly incomplete but the [...]

Trip to Texas

| November 23, 2014

Texas is huge. It gives the impression of vastness: wide highways that go on and on, flat lands that stretch endlessly, sprawling houses and structures that need not go up because they have the luxury of space to expand horizontally. Of course we were only in two cities for a few days so this generalization would [...]

4th of July Weekend Cuteness

| July 8, 2014

My 4th of July weekend was exploding with cuteness. I dare anyone to disagree. We had soooo much fuuuun! We played hide and seek, Go Fish, braided each other’s hair, sang “milk and cereal, cereal and milk” and “fact and opinion, opinion and fact” to the tune of “milk and cereal, cereal and milk,” played [...]


| February 25, 2014

After posting my Shanghai recommendations, I’ve been requested to write a Beijing one too. Unlike my Shanghai post, this list will be short and sweet. My Beijing stint was brief (two months), and I stayed mostly in a training camp that was in the outskirts of the city, so I did not really feel like [...]


| February 18, 2014

A friend will be visiting Shanghai for a few days in March and asked for recommendations. I thought it would be great for my list to serve a double purpose so I’m also posting it here. I will preface this list with a disclaimer: There are many interesting places in Shanghai and I’m bound to [...]

Our Trip to Bicol!

| December 23, 2013

One day, G saw a picture of the Mayon Volcano and asked when we would be going to see it. Although my Amah was from Bicol and we do still have family there, I had not been to the region for more than two or three times in my life. We needed to remedy that. [...]

Weekly Gratefulness List (December 8 to 14, 2013)

| December 16, 2013

–tail end of our Bicol trip –another batch of book delivery to Solidaridad! Shout out to National Artist F. Sionil Jose and Cesar for being ever supportive! People, do drop by Solidaridad on Padre Faura for their awesome collection of Southeast Asian titles. –PSA Christmas Party at Zavoy Steakhouse (drop by there too! It’s on [...]

Hong Kong Trip

| November 27, 2013

This trip was not our honeymoon, no matter how many people think it was. It was not. It just wasn’t. Now that we have that out of the way, yes, we enjoyed it, thank you very much. One of the things we like most about traveling is the excuse to eat eat eat, which we [...]

By the beach…

| November 7, 2013

  I took very few pictures while in Palawan but these are some of them.