Must be fate then. Read on.

American Lit 1

| July 14, 2010

So I have started tackling my reading list by familiarizing myself with major works in the American Lit canon. The high school textbook I am basing my readings on provides both the historical and cultural contexts of the text, making it easier for me to appreciate older texts. It’s all Puritan writings for now but [...]

Weekly Gratefulness List (June 27 to July 3, 2010)

| July 3, 2010

Technically, a part of this post should have been included on last week’s list. Specifically one-half of the last weekend, which had been most gratifying in its simplicity. – Saturday morning was spent running errands at DLSU, returning my toga and getting a copy of my class pictures. I also dropped off the hard copies [...]

The Ph.D Quest…

| June 10, 2010

… is going to be way harder than I thought. I finished answering the sample GRE for Literature last night and I flunked big time. Which means I will have long intense study sessions ahead of me if I really want  this bad enough. Having written the novel has raised my confidence level so high [...]

Is it time for a Ph.D?

| June 4, 2010

I interrupt my Macau Adventure series with ruminations on the further manifestation of my masochism. After almost a decade, I am finally graduating with my Masters degree in June. I have scarcely gotten hold of my diploma when I am shopping around for possible Ph.D programs in the US. And I am very intimidated. As [...]