Must be fate then. Read on.

| February 27, 2017

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About 5 More Weeks

| November 23, 2016

It’s been 35 weeks of carrying a little human in me. I think we’re having a karate kid. Excuse me while I go pee. *waddles away* We were at a birthing class last night and I volunteered him to change the diapers. Teeheehee! He did very well.

Weekly Gratefulness List (October 23 to 29, 2016)

| November 5, 2016

This week was actually quite busy with a variety of events: book discussion, seminars, meeting/orientation, etc. for which I am all grateful for. But I’m especially happy with: –2016 book #13: Mia Alvar’s In The Country It’s really good. You should all read it. –dinner with old friend E We had French food and they [...]

Weekly Gratefulness List (August 28 to September 3, 2016)

| October 2, 2016

–Canada trip My first time in Canada, and also my first time to go from one country to another by land. Imagine that!   –Cyclones game Our singing group, the Dyker Singers, got invited to sing the National Anthem at the Brooklyn Cyclones game against the Auburn Doubledays. –Pirch cooking class We made strawberry vanilla [...]

Weekly Gratefulness List (May 8 to 14, 2016)

| June 30, 2016

–my big rest week I pretty much cancelled all my plans for most of the week to rest, rest, rest; and I’m thankful that I am able to do that on a whim. –show (“Letters to Zoey”) and Pinoy food (Tito Rad’s) after with Bunny and friend I –kitchen success: sayote (chayote) with ground pork [...]

Weekly Gratefulness List (May 1 to 7, 2016)

| June 21, 2016

–2016 Book #6: Naomi Ragen’s “The Sisters Weiss” –brunch with P –visit to the Museum of American Gangsters with M and I   –dinner with V –date day in Chinatown and Upper East Side Thank you! More please!  

Weekly Gratefulness List (April 17 to 23, 2016)

| May 18, 2016

–date day all day! It started at the NY Green Festival, and then a nice stroll at the High Line, and finally the Volunteers Appreciation Party at Housing Works. –Nice long chat with friend T –Free Carvel pistachio ice cream Thank you! More please!  

Guess who just got a Passion Planner?

| February 12, 2016

My Passion Planner has arrived!! Months ago, I applied to their Pay-it-Forward program, pledging that I will one day sponsor a Passion Planner to someone else when I’m in a better position to do so. I had already forgotten all about my application until a few days ago when they emailed to tell me that [...]

Scammer Alert! Part 2!

| June 24, 2015

These people. They never quit. *shakes head* A California number this time (1-310-989-5878) from someone who calls himself Walter Hayes (and who btw also goes by the name “Steve G”). Again with a foreign accent but not as pronounced as our old friend Alyssa Brown’s. I got the call at around 6:15 PM (NYC time) [...]

Scammer Alert!

| April 19, 2015

On April 14, 2015, I received five missed calls and voice mails from 1-347-741-8351. All five voice mails contain the same message recorded and transcribed below (Click the link to listen to the recording of one of her voice mails): +1-347-741-8351 Transcription: “This message is for you Joni Cham. My name is Alyssa Brown (?) and [...]