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Weekly Gratefulness List (January 8 to 14, 2017)

–2017 book #1: Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

I picked this book up because of Maira Kalman but it was a surprisingly enjoyable (read, not cliche) for a YA. I later found out it’s by the same author as Lemony Snicket, which I haven’t read yet but is now on the list of books Jojo and I would be reading together.

Screenshot 2017-02-24 at 6.30.06 PM - Edited

–happy birthday to me!

We stayed home because of our new Boss but Bunny cooked spaghetti and sausage for my birthday dinner. His first time ever. And then he got me a birthday cake the next day! I can’t remember when I last had a birthday cake. Possibly never?

IMG_20170110_230347 - Edited

–We’re still alive!

Because we were all supposed to die before the week ends…

IMG_20170110_232244 - Edited

–This face (week 2):

It sure is great to be alive to see this face every day.


Thank you! More please!


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