Must be fate then. Read on.

My New Hair

Hadn’t cut my hair in forever. Couldn’t bring myself to. When I had my last haircut, I was in my first pregnancy which I miscarried. I later on became pregnant again, gave birth, and now have the loveliest eight-month-old chunky monkey. But all through that time my hair grew and grew. A part of me felt like it was something I had with my first baby.

When I came upon this poster last month, I knew it would be the perfect time.



I get a free hair cut and a child with hair loss gets to use my hair. Win-win all around!

So this…


Became this.

21684585_10101830942498614_1297193797_o - Edited

Shoutout: Jessica from Pilo Arts Day Salon and Spa did my hair and she was awesome.

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Author of the novel "In My Mother's House." Chinese-Filipino. Recent immigrant to NYC. Learning to code. Learning to live with the cold.


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