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Cham, for “a Champion for Children”

Yesterday I got a set of letters from UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund. Among them were a thank you card, an update of the org’s recent projects, and a certificate proclaiming that I’m “championing the rights of children in the Philippines.”

The set of letters from Unicef

The set of letters from Unicef

Me! With the certificate!!

Cham is a champion!!

I could not help but feel good about myself. It was like graduation! (For some reason, I am rather fond of certificates. Oooh, needy needy Nuni!!) About half a year ago, I decided to be a little less self-centered and signed up for a monthly donation the equivalent of which is maybe a new top, or a book, or a fancy meal. The money goes to helping with the education of children in less developed parts of the country by buying school supplies, or classroom chairs, or something as basic as clean drinking water. More than the certificate, it’s knowing that one less fancy meal a month would mean a school year’s supply of notebooks and maybe a monobloc chair for a kid makes it less of a sacrifice.

On a similar note, Marc Matsumoto, the blogger behind “No Recipes,” has started his own fight against global hunger. It does seem appropriate that someone so passionate about food comes up with an idea that would allow more people to enjoy it. His project, “Blog Away Hunger,” aims to collect funds to be donated to the UN’s World Food Program. Here is how to help:

To participate in Blog Away Hunger, just figure out how much you typically spend on a meal. Cook and post about a meal that cuts your regular budget. Then donate what’s left on the Blog Away Hunger team page at Friends of The World Food Program. Be creative, be resourceful, but most importantly have fun!

Find out more here.

An ailing global economic period is certainly not the best time to call on people’s sense of charity. With so many worried about their own finances, it is but natural that others’ needs take a backseat. But just in case there is something to spare…

I mean sure, not all of us can be Chams… but well, why be a Cham when you can be a champion? *collapses to the floor while laughing the crazy Nuni laugh

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