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About Me

So you found me. I’m glad you did. My old cyberhome used to be at Multiply but unexpected turn of events made me migrate. I’ve been here since mid-2008 and though I did not delete my old posts there, Multiply closed down so now those entries are being housed by Blogger, just in case you’re wondering. Or you could really just be wondering who I am. Okay, then.

I am Joni Cham, a wanna-be novelist. In 2010, I finally finished writing my novel. Took me about six years when I intended to finish it in just one. My presumptuousness made it quite obvious that it was my first time to write a novel. Incidentally, the novel was also my thesis for a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing so because I am now done with it, I have also magically become a Master’s degree holder. Not a bad deal, all in all: I get to have a book and a degree!

So now the long and punishing process of finding a publisher has begun. I only console myself that at least the writing, which is supposedly the hardest part, is over. All the waiting is killing me though.

I should be starting on my next book project. I actually have a couple of (ok, three) book ideas in mind at the moment but I wish I have both the time and energy to actually work on them. Well at least one of them. Sometimes (most of the time, more like) I wish I am one of those people who can get on with very little sleep, because I can’t. It constantly feels like I am always on a race with time. There is always something I wish I could do or do more of.

My other interests include traveling and learning languages. I would love to take more classes to improve my Mandarin and Spanish but I’ll have to work that out in my schedule, which I haven’t done yet. To compensate, I study on my own when I have the time. Yes, I’m a geek.

I am clumsy. I think I have underdeveloped motor skills. I can’t play any sport. And I can’t drive. And I can’t dance. I trip on my own. I think that’s one of my many talents.

My day job is at a risk consultancy firm where I am an analyst. I used to write reports about China and everything about it. Now I can’t even tell you what I do otherwise I’ll have to kill you. Ha! No, it’s not about China anymore.


UPDATE (July 5, 2012): I finally am a novelist! My first novel, “In My Mother’s House,” may be bought at these locations: or purchased online here:

You must grab a copy.


Also, here’s my page.


And my online CV.


And here are some of my prettiest pictures ever:

Please understand that I do NOT always look like the pictures above (but I would like you to believe that I do so I posted them here.) I can’t just let them go to waste is what I’m saying.

Oh, and why not include these too?


19 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Sharky says:

    How do I email you? lol. trying to get a word doco of the chapter so I can give you my 2 yen worth lol.

  2. joni says:

    Wow, fast editor! My email:

    Thanks so much for your time!!

  3. Sharky says:

    oh no no, will do it properly over the weekend and email it through.

  4. Bee says:



  5. joni says:

    Thanks, Bee! Yes, I would like people to believe that too.

  6. jing says:

    hey joni, i like your blog, especially the gratefulness section. :D though i still have to read your novel. i’ll wait for the edited part na lang muna. hehehe.

  7. joni says:

    Salamat, Jingy!! Not always easy to be in a grateful mood but I find it a good exercise. I always feel good about my life after, no matter how bad I was feeling just before writing it.

  8. joni says:

    And Jing, ok lang kasi alam ko namang bibili ka ng libro ko once it’s published. :) )

  9. [...] is me! (Clickety-click the link that follows!) is me! (Clickety-click the link that follows!) [...]

  10. Veronica says:

    Hi! Your “About Me” entry sure had made me smile–especially the section about your pictures :P I’am a freelance writer and like you I also can’t get away with little sleep. Anyway, good luck on your career and may you able to start (and finish) your 2nd and 3rd book :)

  11. joni says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Veronica! And yes, I need to get started on those!! Aaargh!

  12. Mariel Siscar-Fenix says:

    Boss Ma’am,
    you are the coolest geek ever!!
    i am geeking out with the way you taught our class from on top of the desk!

  13. joni says:

    Haha! Thanks! I don’t remember teaching your class from on top of the desk but I can believe that I might have done that. It sounds like something I would do.

  14. hearingjoy says:

    Hi! I would like to know if you have an ebook version of the book. :) I am interested to read it. :)


  15. joni says:

    Hi hearingjoy! Unfortunately, no ebook format yet. The book is available at all Central Books outlets. Most people go to their SM Megamall branch. It’s at Building A, 5th Level. Or if you’re anywhere close to The Enterprise Center in Makati, you can drop by my office and just buy from me. :)

  16. hearingjoy says:

    aww.. ill buy the book thru online ? is it possible? ihope i can write a book review in my blog regarding this. :)

  17. joni says:

    This is the link for ordering online:

    I would love it if you write a review!

    I read in your blog that you’re thinking of writing your own book. Here’s an article I wrote on how to go about doing it:

  18. hearingjoy says:

    Hi Joni,

    Thank you for your reply. Great! :) Hope you can reply that link at my blog so I can bookmark all the time. Wow.. I love what you wrote there and it is pretty helpful. :) Thank you thank you.

    I buy the book. :) thanks so much. Just keep it coming. :)

  19. joni says:

    Done! Good luck on your writing projects!

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