Must be fate then. Read on.

Random Tagalog Lessons

There aren’t very many resources for learning Filipino/Tagalog compared to major global languages such as English and Mandarin. Because the Philippines is but a dot on the map and but a drop in the ocean of world politics, very few people in the world actually wake up one morning and decide, “I want to learn Filipino.” It just doesn’t happen all the time, if at all. And because we spoil foreigners too much by talking to them  in English the entire time, there’s hardly any reason for them to learn anything beyond, “Kumusta ka?” and “Salamat.” For most people, there’s simply no point.

But then maybe you’re not most people.

This section is for those brave enough to try learning a language that may or may not be that useful in the grand scheme of things. It’s for those who will take on the challenge “just because.”

So here, whenever I feel like it, are random conversational Filipino/Tagalog lessons.



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