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Joni’s Webby Collage

| August 18, 2011

So apparently, this is how my web collage looks like. Note that the images are symbolic and should not be taken literally. Scroll down for the meanings of each image. Comic Endowed with unprecedented imaginative powers, you transport yourself to an alternate universe where you have X-ray vision, super strength, and some snazzy tights. Thermometer [...]

Weekly Gratefulness List (June 19 to 25, 2011)

| June 28, 2011

–Sunday morning yoga –finished reading Merlinda Bobis’ Banana Heart Summer (and wept!) –time for blog stuff Installed a Twitter widget! And cleaned up my sidebar! –dinners with new friends –shopping at Qipulu where I got my June purchase –Hunnybunny’s birthday! Below are a couple of our lovey-dovey pictures: (Left) Our first date. (Right) Not our first [...]

The One-Item-A-Month Project

| June 15, 2011

So I’ve been thinking. I pretty much have enough clothes and shoes and bags and accessories to last me many many years. So I’ve been thinking. Yet of course I would want to reward myself with pretty little things from time to time. So I’ve been thinking. Seeing how I had successfully completed the four-month-long No [...]

Summer Lover!

| March 1, 2011

In Joni’s World, summer officially starts when halo-halo vendors start sprouting on street sides like mushrooms. Or maybe like flowers, with their colorful array of beans, fruits, and jellies displayed for all to admire. This blooming of ingredients has become one of the things I look forward to each year. More than the taste, halo-halo for [...]

I write like…

| August 6, 2010

Following Paul Stephen Lim‘s lead, I had some of my writings analyzed by the website, “I Write Like.” Here are the results: I started with the first few paragraphs from my novel. Apparently, I write like Chuck Palahniuk. Haven’t read him but maybe I should start. I must remember to request his books from Wella. [...]


| April 6, 2010

I am vain and I love my name(s). So…

Quota Reached. Better Luck Next Lifetime.

| July 23, 2009

Time to accept the fact that there are things I will never be good at, no matter how hard I try. Time to quit. Besides, I have reached my quota of heartbreaks in this lifetime. So that’s it. I am never falling in love again. *accepts defeat *throws towel in There will always be things [...]

Joni’s New World

| May 16, 2009

Documents the process of having a new blog site. Complete with pictures and gushing sounds!