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The Sky Darkens

| June 11, 2013

Know when to give up…

| April 19, 2013

At first I spelled my name out for the staff. I tried more than half a dozen times (and I do not exaggerate) but it did not seem to be working. Out of frustration (both of us were equally frustrated), she gave me a pen and a piece of paper. And so in big block [...]

Weekly Gratefulness List (March 24 to 30, 2013)

| April 1, 2013

-Visit to the National Museum -Manila Bay Cruise -Metro Manila Tour c/o A, D, and Cousin C: We covered UP, UST, Quiapo (kinda. We were too scared to go out of the car after seeing the throng of people outside the Quiapo Church), and Malacanang -all these with the Bunny!

Weekly Gratefulness List (June 3 to 9, 2012)

| July 8, 2012

–so thankful that friends (in Shanghai and Ningbo) and G’s dad agreed to hold on to my things for me while I’m gone –got to Manila safe and sound –thankful to J for picking me up and driving me home. There was no way I could have commuted with the amount of luggage I was [...]

One good reason to visit me in Shanghai…

| December 11, 2011

Milk teas are cheap and plentiful. Consider these prices at Happy Lemon in Manila. And then these at Happy Lemon in Shanghai.   Current exchange rate is at RMB1=Php6.85. Fine, let’s put it at RMB1=Php7 just to make things a little easier for us mathematically-challenged beings. So there. You do the math (since I have [...]

Weekly Gratefulness List (August 21 to 27, 2011)

| August 29, 2011

Three gratefulness lists in a row. This is how you know that I’ve been busy. I’m mostly thankful for being able to tick off errands/activities that I needed to do while in Manila: got my new passport had dinner with friends haircut foot spa took care of bank matters And as an added bonus, I [...]

Weekly Gratefulness List (August 7 to 13, 2011)

| August 20, 2011

–Taiji Watch video here. –Manila! Which means I get to be outside the Great Firewall! –relatively hassle-free passport renewal process at the DFA I tend to expect the worst whenever I need to go to a government agency. It was a pleasant surprise that I only needed to wait three hours. Yes, that’s already “pleasant.”

Weekly Gratefulness List (April 11 to 17, 2010)

| April 20, 2010

– being back home and no longer shivering – and then flying to Macau to shiver there! – has Facebook access again! – lost and recovered signed copy of “Ilustrado” – catching up with Wella and Bevz after “Ilustrado” event

The Fabfoto Booth!

| October 29, 2009

At Virge and Marvin’s wedding, they had a photo booth set up outside the reception area for people like me who can’t get enough pictures. I love it love it love it!! I want one at home!!

Virge & Marvs got hitched!

| October 29, 2009

Virgie and Marvin finally tied the knot on Sunday. And we were all there to celebrate with them. Yummy food, great company, and the chance to see two people in love start a new life together! Here are some of the moments captured on digital space: